Home Abroad

Arrival & Orientation

Upon arrival, students will be met at the train station or airport by our welcome staff. Our staff are there to take care of you of you from your arrival through to your departure.

Orientation includes a walking tour of the town to locate services such as groceries, pharmacies, etc. Students will be provided with a handbook and a student discount card.

Every student is assigned an academic advisor to serve as a helpful resource throughout the program. We do everything possible to ensure that students feel at home from the moment they arrive.


Food is a key part of a nation’s culture, which is why we lay so much emphasis on our catering options. The catering you receive will depend on the accommodation you choose.

Meals are included in the price of your program, if required. For those living on campus we provide three meals per day, seven days a week in the campus café. For those staying in homestays, the host family will provide either two meals or three meals a day depending on the option you have chosen.


We also provide a scholarship program which offers students of high academic standing and of financial need the chance to study abroad on a SC Study Center scholarship.

We offer this program to one student per semester, on a minimum of twenty students enrolled. It includes all tuition and accommodation for the duration of the program.

Our Accreditations

SC Study Centers and courses are approved by organizations to teach languages to students. To see a full list of the current accreditations, see Our Accreditations page.

International Exams

At SC Study Centers we also offer you the possibility of taking internationally recognized exams in the language taught in our centers. These exams include:

  • FIyto (Federation of International Youth Travel Organizations)
  • areLS (Association of Recognized English (Language Services)
  • ielts, cambridge, toefl, test daf, dsh, dele/cils, as well as delf/dalf


As part of our program SC Study Centers plans events which encourage students to embrace the local culture, both past and present. In this way our students can visit major museums, churches, historical sites, and also take part in events such as theatrical performances, dinners and cruises.

The SC Study Center activity program allows you to truly get to know the culture of your host country.


SC Study Center also offers an internship program for semester students. An internship allows you to gain valuable work experience while getting to know a new working culture.

The internship is intended to allow students to gain professional experience and at the same time benefit from learning a language in a work environment. Students are placed in companies related to their field of expertise and education where they acquire multicultural experience as well as develop a valuable international professional network.