Recreation Abroad

Get Out of Class

Learning anything new is often best accomplished as a mix of in class studying and real life experience. This is why SC Study Centers offers many exciting leisure activities ensuring each and every student has the time of their life while also developing valuable skills from the chosen destination.

weather it be walking or cycling tours of the city or countryside, sampling the local cuisine or taking part in a variety of sporting activities, students of all ages will have a memorable experience while also completing their coursework. 

SC Study Centers are located around the globe an a variety of cities and cultures making each one as unique as the last. In New York city students can enjoy the sights and wonders of skyscrapers and a bustling world-class metropolis. However when in Rome students can venture out to the ruins of on of the largest empires the world has ever seen; or students can simple relax by the river Sine in Paris!

All SC Study Center activities are managed by enthusiastic and specially trained activity leaders, who are experts in guaranteeing that all participants make the most out of every minute of their trip. Students can rely on them through their stay to show them the highlights of their destination, as well as taking them of the beaten track and showing them some of the more obscure and the cities best kept secrets.

Actual programs available may vary slightly from those published due to seasonality as well as other factors unique to the destination. However, regardless of what students choose to do the fun factor is guaranteed! Currently there are two packages to choose from; package one consists of four weekday excursions or activities with one full day weekend excursion. Package two offers four different weekday excursions or activities. Students also have the option of combining the two packages for a non-stop adventure!