SC Study Centers

First established in Europe in 1983, SC Study Centers has grown into an internationally recognized organization, offering complete immersion programs to High School, College and University students in 13 different countries.

2014, we had over 55,000 students study with us from around the world, many of whom not only learned the virtue of acquiring valuable cultural skills but also gained intercultural skills and life-long friendships while studying abroad.

SC Study Centers is dedicated and committed to ensuring the highest quality of study abroad programs. Our personal level of service and the reasonable cost of our programs has earned us an unequaled reputation in the field of international education. We take equal pride in the thousands of students whose lives have been enriched by studying abroad with us.

Every day our world is learning to communicate in new and varied ways, investigating avenues never opened before. Through immersion programs at SC Study Centers, you and your students will also learn more about global opportunities right here at home.


Each of our campuses – which belong directly to our organization – has been carefully chosen with regard to location to maximize the students´ experience while away from home. Our campuses provide the students with a chance to learn more about a specific culture by living and learning in energetic, interesting cities.


In destinations where English is not the main language, we offer the possibility to connect our students with locals for language practice. This opens up the door for students to practice the language of the host country. Students will feel comfortable speaking and practicing their verbal language skills with other young adults with similar interests. Friendships often develop as students experience real-life immersion.


We invite you, your study abroad advisor and any related faculty members to visit any of our campuses, to see first hand the facilities and academic offerings of specific study abroad programs and/or destinations within our Global Education Network. We welcome you to join us and discover our teaching methods, meet our teachers and gain a better understanding of SC Study Centers.


The flexibility of our programs and our small class sizes make SC Study Centers an excellent choice for anyone intent on developing his or her language skills. Whether students stay for a year or just a week they will undoubtedly make great strides in their language learning because they will receive from our teachers the kind of one-on-one attention needed to efficiently develop his or her language skills.

Our courses are designed to be innovative, exciting and highly practical. We frequently employ multimedia, field trips, and guest lectures to make courses as exciting and educational as possible.

In addition, we have designed our classrooms in a way that will make you comfortable and at ease. Our teachers all have several years of experience teaching international students and they use up-to-date versions of textbooks to help streamline your learning.

SC Study Centers offers a variety of different programs. Please take a look at all we have to offer!