Dancing can be described as a series of "rhythmical motions and steps, usually to music", however dancing is so much more and is a very important part of our collective history and culture. All over the world you can see people expressing themselves through dance on TV, in theatre, or just out of joy while walking down the street. Potential careers after the completion for this program could be as a choreographer, choreologist, or a costume designer.

Our SC Study Center dance program deals primarily with the creative performance processes, choreography alongside theoretical studies in dance history and criticism. Some SC Study Centers like our Havana campus offer dance classes as an activity, further enhancing your learning experience while studying abroad.

Our SC Study Centers are located around the globe and each is as unique as the others. Often found in the center of the city students are guaranteed a safe and productive stay as they conduct their studies and when they decide to leave the campus on a day trip or guided tour. Learning abroad is certainly life experience worth having combined with the educational facilities we’re able to provide.