Design An Academic Program

Have you ever thought about planning your own customized short-term or semester abroad study program?

With SC Study Centers you can work with your institution to develop new programs from the ground up to the final evaluation of your study abroad program. With over 30 years of experience, we can offer your institution the confidence to choose the right study abroad course, tailor-made just for you. Our SC Study Centers can offer a plethora of options to help you design a program best suited to your learning goals. This can include anything from language courses at all levels, special interest courses, to lectures as well as a full program of cultural activities.

Choose Your Academic Program

Short-Term ProgramSemester ProgramAcademic Year Abroad program
Duration2 - 10 Weeks12 or 14 Weeks9 month program
Lessons20 or 30 Lessons per Week20 or 30 Lessons per Week20 to 30 lessons per week
Starting DatesFlexible starting dates year roundFall, Spring or Summer semestersFall, Spring or Summer semesters
AccommodationApartments or homestayApartments or homestayApartments or homestay
FeaturesA full program of cultural activitiesA full program of cultural activitiesA full program of cultural activities

Multi Destination Package

Don’t like the idea of spending a long term abroad in one spot? SC Study Centers offers the ability to ‘split’ your program up into separate parts and travel to other SC Study Center destinations. So if you want to spend a week in London then travel south to Paris, you can!

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Faculty-led Program

Looking to develop a specific study abroad program for your school or a group of students? Through SC Study Centers you can not only build your program, but also use your own faculty members at any one of our many worldwide locations.


Locally-led Program

Through our locally-led program, students can attend classes taught by the local faculty using an SC Study Centers campus facilities. This allows local quality teachers to teach using our specialized campuses and educational tools to teach a subject to a class as well as using the study centers prime locations all over the world.


Combination Program

Students choose a combination of courses taught by the local faculty and visiting faculty. The courses can be customized and offered exclusively to the students attending the program. This program is very flexible and allows students the ability to increase their knowledge and skill levels in a variety of subjects.