Film Studies

The art of film making has a rich history and as a result, it had had a massive impact on society as a whole. When you choose to study at an SC Study Centers film studies program you can learn the technical and storytelling skills that can lead you to be able to engaging films. By learning by example you can gain experience in all aspects of film making including cinematography, sound, editing, writing, producing and directing. When you complete your classes you can explore careers as an arts administrator, cinema manager, editorial assistant, or a film/video producer.

SC Study Centers are located in world renowned film centers such as London and Paris. Students will have the opportunity of a life time to go out and explore the city while they conduct their studies which give them much more than just an education. They're often found in the center of the city students are guaranteed a safe and productive stay. Learning abroad is certainly life experience worth having combined with the educational facilities we’re able to provide.