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Havana, Cuba

Based in Cuba's capitol of Havana and located in the center of the economic, political and cultural center of the city; Havana is the ideal environment for anyone looking for a place on the international stage.


Since it was founded in 2001, the SC Study Center in Havana campus located in the historic capitol city of Cuba has established itself as one of the most prestigious learning institutions in Cuba. Our courses are set against the backdrop of this Caribbean paradise, where students are guaranteed to not only leave with dramatically improved knowledge of their selected courses, but also with a new level of cultural appreciation and familiarity with the Spanish language. 

The campus and accommodations are located in the beautiful area of Miramar, the noble coastline- district of Havana, strewn with major hotels, embassies, international companies and plethora nightlife of bars and clubs. The school and comfort apartments are fully equipped with a kitchen, living room, TV and air conditioning.

The school is located in a two-storey building in Miramar. Apart from the classrooms and offices, you'll will find a dance studio, a kitchenette and student lounge, and an internet corner. All classrooms are air-conditioned and have access to audio-visual facilities. Additionally there are six classrooms and one dance studio which hosts frequent dance classes for students. Some of these courses include salsa, bachata, merengue and tango. Dance courses can be combined with any course taught at this study center.

Programs you can design at the Havana Campus

  • Art History
  • Writing
  • Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Cultural Studies

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Programs opening now at the Havana Campus

  • Accounting
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Religious Studies

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