Information Systems

Information technology such as business software or mobile platforms has been reinventing the way we do business for the past decade. Today computer-savvy people with programming and development skills are in high demand in the business world. This program helps grow your skill set which includes training in business solution development. With SC Study Centers you’ll be primed and ready to take on the new surge of demand and launch your career in the field of information technology. Careers range far and wide, in general there’s web developers, full stack developers, and back end/SQL developers.

Our SC Study Centers are located in some of the major tech centers of the world such as Frankfurt, London, and Beijing. Students will have the opportunity of a life time to go out and explore the city while they conduct their studies which give them much more than just an education. They're often found in the center of the city students are guaranteed a safe and productive stay. Learning abroad is certainly life experience worth having combined with the educational facilities we’re able to provide.