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London, England

They say the sun never sets on the British empire and although the days of colonization are long gone London still stands as the capitol of the United Kingdom and England as well as a leader in international trade, commerce, and fashion.


SC Study Center in London has over 30 years of experience in high level academic studies. The SC study center is poised to guarantee you meet your personal and academic goals in whatever way possible. Our study centers are known for being very accommodating to any level of the learning. 

The campus is located in beautiful Ealing, a quiet residential area in the west of London just 20 minutes by train from Heathrow Airport and the world-famous attractions of central London. There are also several bus and underground tube stations making Ealing very accessible and a very pleasant place to live and study.

Throughout the year, students can participate in social activities organised by our leisure coordinator. In the summer months, many students spend their time in the beautiful local parks, such as nearby Walpole Park. Students can enjoy nearby shopping centers, a public library, cinemas, theater, international restaurants and internet cafes, plus the other numerous events taking place in London every week.

The study center is located on the lower floors of a typical Victorian building in the heart of Ealing. Apart from the classrooms and offices, there is also a student lounge and kitchen, self-study facilities, and a garden and patio where students can relax after their lessons. Students also have access to an internet corner, a leisure deck and a notice board with information on all the latest events in London in addition to its 10 classroom. 

Programs you can design at the London Campus

  • Fashion Design
  • International Studies
  • Internal Business
  • Mathematics
  • Litterature

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Programs opening now at the London Campus

  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Theater Studies
  • Sociology
  • Mathematics
  • Tourism

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