Preforming Arts

Our preforming arts program gives you the ability to learn theoretical and practical core disciplines such as acting, singing and dance through a comprehensive approach that will prepare you to perform on an international stage. If you have a sense of curiosity, are an explorer and ground-breaker, have writing potential and producing ambitions of theatre and performance, this program is for you. On competition of this program graduates can explore careers as actors, directors, producers, and writers.

Our SC Study Centers are located around the globe and each is as unique as the others. Often found in the center of the city students are guaranteed a safe and productive stay as they conduct their studies and when they decide to leave the campus on a day trip or guided tour. Learning abroad is certainly life experience worth having combined with the educational facilities we’re able to provide. Some SC Study Centers like our Havana campus offer dance classes as an activity, further enhancing your learning experience while studying abroad.