The SC Study Centers Website Goes Live!

Since 1983 Sprachcaffe has had over 55,000 students attend our 35 world worldwide campus locations to study their program of choice in a different country. It is with great pleasure that Sprachcaffe officially launches its newest brand SC Study Centers; brochures and website are ready to rock and roll. We will officially launch to the public at the 2015 NAFSA conference in Boston and all of your support and good wishes are much appreciated.

Through students can browse all the programs we offer at every SC Study Center as well as the facilities and accommodation offering each campus can provide the student should they choose to study there. Currently there are over 70 different programs students can choose to study while abroad in addition to different program options that will allow students to study and experience the surrounding city the campus is based in. Students have many accommodation options and through our flexible booking process students don’t need to wait, studies can start the next week if they wish.

SC Study Centers will be jointly operated by the North American office in Toronto Canada, as well as our Sprachcaffe headquarters in Frankfurt in Germany. The network of campuses encompasses the vast majority of existing Sprachcaffe school locations ranging from the tropical paradise location in Cuba, to the Chinese capital of Beijing.  Each school is outfitted with the best educational resources for students as well our professional faculty and support staff. SC Study Centers aims to bring our experience in language learning in a unique destination into the world of academia and career development.

Programs & Course Options

There are a several different academic program options students can choose from that can enhance their learning experience. These include:

Short Term Program: This program typically lasts between 2-10 weeks with around 20-30 lessons per week. Starting dates are flexible and can start year round. Accommodation options are HomeStay, Apartments, Residence, and Hotels. There is also a full program of activities.

Semester Program: This program typically lasts between 12-24 weeks with around 20-30 lessons per week. Starting dates are in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Accommodation options are HomeStay, Apartments, Residence, and Hotels. There is also a full program of activities.

Academic Year Abroad Program: This program typically lasts between nine months or more with around 20-30 lessons per week. Starting dates are in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Accommodation options are HomeStay, Apartments, Residence, and Hotels. There is also a full program of activities.

Multi Destination Package: Unique to SC Study Centers, the Multi Destination package offers the ability to 'split' a student’s program into two cities, all in one semester. This allows the student to study half of their semester in Paris and then spend the remainder in Nice. Students can also choose different programs to study in each as well.

Faculty-Led Program: Students have the option to develop a very specific study abroad program taught at our campuses, but with their faculty members. SC Study Centers arranges to have the professor’s travel to the chosen campus location and teach for the duration of the semester.

Locally-Led Program: Through this program SC Study Centers own teaching staff at a campus location is selected to teach the required course material. This way the student(s) can attend unique courses such as a language class taught by a native speaker. The end result is a quality teacher who not only represents the destinations cultural views and traditions, but they also represent best in their field ready to equip their students with knowledge and experience.

Combination Program: The combination program allows students the option to choose a combination of courses taught by the local faculty and visiting faculty all at the same SC Study Center. The courses can also be customized further and can be offered exclusively to the students in the program.

Accommodation Options

Accommodations can vary depending on the location of the campus, however there are only five general options available.

Apartments: are generally shared with two or more students however single options can be available. Apartments are self-catering meaning students will have to purchase their own food and drinks during their stay however at some locations you can book breakfast, half or full-board. The apartments feature a kitchenette, bathroom, as well as laundry access. 

Homestays: are perfect for students interested in both the language of their destination and also learning about the lifestyle, habits and customs of the host country. There are a variety of options under this accommodation such as families with or without children as well as single households. Meals varies depending on the location.

Studio Apartments: For students looking for more privacy, some locations offer studio apartments that feature all amenities of a home away from home with en-suite bathroom and cooking facilities. Breakfast, half or full board is available at some locations at an additional cost.

Hotels & Guest Houses: Students looking for more privacy than an apartment might also find the hotel and guest house options attractive as they’d have more personal space. They can also choose from various options to customize their stay. However for hotel bookings, double rooms can only be booked by two students travelling together.

Residence: Many campuses offer residence accommodation where students live and study all under one roof. Depending on the destination students can choose between standard and comfort accommodation, single or double rooms, as well as breakfast, half or full board which is available at some locations at an additional fee.

Campuses & Programs

Our world wide campus locations can be found in major cities around the world such as:

And many more are available as well, see the campus location section of the website for more in-depth information on each campus and its location at

A Full program list can be found at as well as any additional information about SC Study Centers offerings and various campus features and offerings. 

Published: May 6th, 2015

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