What better way to get started in the tourism than by touring to a foreign land and learning about it. Experience is everything and you’ll be exposed to a wide range of culture, people, and history regardless of where you go and by the end of your program you’ll have a head start when it comes to first hand traveling advice. Be it locally or globally, you can learn what it takes to deliver first-class experiences and services to the world’s travelers, passengers and guests. Possible career options on successful completion of the program can be flight services, hospitality management, hotel and Restaurant management, as well as travel agent and operations.

Our SC Study Centers are located in some of the major tourist centers of the world such as Paris, London, and Rome as well as many others. Students will have the opportunity of a life time to go out and explore the city while they conduct their studies which give them much more than just an education. They're often found in the center of the city students are guaranteed a safe and productive stay. Learning abroad is certainly life experience worth having combined with the educational facilities we’re able to provide.